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Couple Therapy

  • Do you wonder what happened to the love and friendship you once shared with your partner? Why over time you have become two strangers sharing a home?

  • Do you feel lonely in your relationship or marriage?

  • Do you wonder why your happiness with your marriage has declined following the birth of your first child?

  • Do you feel your partner and you are unable to listen to each other, leaving you both feeling frustrated and misunderstood?

  • Do your fights grow ugly due to poor conflict management skills? Or do you avoid discussing disagreement altogether?

  • Do you feel you have no idea anymore, who your partner really is?

  • Has your relationship gone through the hurt, pain, and devastation of an affair?

  • Do you struggle with being able to trust your partner?

  • Do you wonder if this relationship can be saved? Can we make it work?

Relationships can be challenging and complicated. I specialize in working with couples and individuals who are dealing with relationship issues and conflict.  I can help you strengthen and improve your relationships.


Couples seek therapy for many reasons:  Some are in crisis, wondering if their relationship can be repaired, while others have drifted apart due to life situations and changes. Some are married for many years, others are newlywed, or in a relationship that is already difficult, hurtful, and disappointing. All are looking to improve and strengthen their relationship and understand what makes a relationship work. I help couples identify and eliminate interaction and communication patterns that don't work for them while transforming their relationship into something new and positive, where they can experience love, a deeper connection, and happiness.


Communication? I help couples learn to talk to each other in a more effective way so that each person is able to feel heard, understood, and emotionally connected, allowing the couple to experience a greater level of emotional intimacy.


Conflicts management skills? I help couples approach and resolve conflicts, and teach them different tools to use for problem solving.


Infidelity and affairs? I can help you rebuild trust and heal your relationship after a betrayal.  Infidelity can be difficult and painful for both partners, and for the relationship itself.  It can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, hurt and despair. After trust has been broken, a spouse may question everything about their partner? even who the person really is, and wonder if their relationship can even be repaired.

Fortunately, research shows that a true reconciliation is possible when both people are committed to reviving the relationship.

 *I will help you work through the complex dynamics of the affair, while developing ways to build trust, and repair the relationship.


Friendship and emotional connection ? Friendship is the foundation for a successful and loving relationship, allowing two people to understanding each other on a core emotional level.

I will help you deepen your friendship and emotional connection so that you will be able to enjoy a rich emotional and sexual life with each other.  **


Treatment orientation: While I draw from different therapeutic modalities, I mainly use The Gottman Method and EFT that are based on relationships research. These research findings allow practitioners to apply scientific findings to the treatment of relationships, and the methods developed from such findings have been shown to and make a profound and powerful difference in couples' relationships. These methods are, designed to help repair a broken relationship, teach specific tools to deepen connection, and intimacy in your relationship. It also provides methods to help you productively manage conflicts, and problems.

I will help you rediscover happiness, and love, repair your friendship, develop emotional intimacy, trust, bonding and positive affect.

By tailoring the treatment to the strengths and challenges that you,
as an individual couple, is facing, I design an individual treatment
for your relationship/marriage unique situation.

Before deciding which treatment will address your particular needs, I will first work on understanding and assessing the challenges that you face in your relationship: understanding what has gone wrong and why. Every relationship is different, and each couple has its own needs. Together, we will develop treatment goals that

address your interests and fit your needs. I will develop a therapeutic focused intervention that will help you get where you want to be now and avoid future roadblocks in the future. I want to help you believe that you can have a stable, trusting, and loving relationship if you choose to invest in yourself and your relationship in marriage therapy.


I provide a caring, compassionate and confidential environment where you can feel safe working through any issue that arises.


If you would like to schedule an appointment, or discuss any questions you may have regarding couples? therapy, you can either email me: or call me at: 781 724-1373. I try to get back to all emails and voicemails within 24 hours.


*Gottman, J. M. (2011). The Science of trust: Emotional attunement for couples. New York: Norton.


**Gottman,J.M. (2015). The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. New York: Harmony.

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